Training Philosophy

Rider Training:

At GLEC, we follow a tried and true training program to help you gain overall confidence, trust and respect for your horse. We start with the basics of rider position, seat and leg aids, balance, and communication. From there we move on to more advanced study of balance where we incorporate Centered Riding techniques and the study of bio-mechanics to help riders gain confidence in their seat and create an independent leg. We strive to teach riders to ride from their bodies; not just their hands. This allows for a very balanced horse capable of self carriage. Riders of all disciplines and skill levels can benefit from this program.


Equine Training:

Our horse training philosophy is to treat the horses as our partners so they will learn to trust humans. Once that trust is established, a horse will do anything for you. We have used the “Natural Horsemanship” techniques for many years and have found that you do not need to be aggressive or mean to get the point across. Natural Horsemanship is the art of working, training, and riding horses in a manner that works with the horse’s natural behavior, instincts, and personality in a gentle and kind manner.


Body Language:

We use body language to relay what we want the horse to do. You can learn when and how to use your eyes, placement of your body, tone or lack of voice, and tools to enhance effective communication with horses. Doesn’t it make sense that if we want to harmoniously complement our horses’ movements that we learn how to “talk” to them? More importantly, listen to them? We can force and restrain them into doing something, but are they doing it out of fear or out of trust? Horses naturally fear humans; we are predators and they are prey animals. We must teach them that they need not fear us. This is done through effective communication with the horse within their “natural” realm.

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