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When you sponsor Erika, you will have entered the chase for the Gold and all the glittering publicity that accompanies that level of achievement.  All along the way, you will have a partner to help you expose your product(s).  As a positive role model and accomplished competitor, she will help you place your product(s) in the equestrian marketplace, and will work with you to creatively capture the broadest exposure possible.

Name Recognition & Exposure

Erika will be seen by thousands, and potentially millions, of equestrian enthusiasts as she moves towards her Olympic goal.

You will ride along with her through:

  • Product endorsement and advertisement on trailer equipment, horse blankets, saddle pads, and rider clothing.
  • Product use and promotion through on-going activities at Great Lakes Equestrian Center and at the shows.
  • Media coverage included in your sponsorship
  • **Specific promotions designed by your company, which involve Erika or her horses

Photo Opportunities

Please see the photos within her portfolio and this  website.

  • Erika presents an elegant, beautiful, graceful image.
  • People often remark about her presence and carriage both on and off the horse.
  • Her horses will complement your striking photo opportunities.
  • Envision your product exposed along with some of her photos! 

Equestrian Demographic Data

The following represents horse sport enthusiasts as reported in USA Equestrian in 2008:

  • 27,000 ,000 people over the age of 12 ride a horse at least once a year
  • 14,580,000 people over the age of 12 ride a horse on a regular basis
  • 2,200,000 people own horses in the United States
  • 88,000,000 people attend horse-related events
  • The average annual income of an individual who subscribes to an English style equestrian magazine is $105,000
  • The average home value is $594,000
  • 22% own a second home
  • 43% travel on an airplane more than 16 times a year
  • 78% are members of a frequent flyer program
  • 97% own one or more credit cards
  • 55% of their automobiles were purchased last year
  • They own three vehicles; 53% own a pick-up truck
  • 94% own a pet besides a horse or pony
  • The average age is 39
  • 85% are women
  • 63% are married
  • 80% of equestrians have a minimum of a four-year college degree

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