Meet the Horses

Von Wolf  –  Wolfie

I am an 13 year old Thoroughbred gelding. I love to jump and to help beginners gain confidence. I am not a big fan of being brushed. “Who needs to be clean??” I am very good at packing people around and I love to take people to their first shows. I am good at dressage and like to do lateral work. It is my favorite. I love to give kisses for treats, but I cannot have apples. They make my tummy upset. Come see me today, and maybe we can go for a ride?

Lite ’em Up Rose  –  Roxie

I am a 9 year old Thoroughbred mare.  I can do it all. I am a very good girl if you are just starting to jump and very fun if you already know how. I am very good at dressage too. You name it. I can do it!

Maxwell  –  Max

I am a 17 year old Arabian.   I may be little but I am mighty!



I am a 23 year old Arab mare that loves little kids. I am great with kids and beginners. My gaits are very smooth so if you do not have very good balance, I can help give you confidence. I can do a little jumping as long as it is small. I think dressage is fun too. My favorite treats are carrots! Come see me today!


I am a 12 year old POA that is great with kids. You can groom me all day and I would love it! I can do some jumping, but I am not a big fan of cantering. “Why should we go fast?” My coat is a very interesting color and I have spots. You can play connect the dots! I grow a big wooly coat in the winter to keep me warm.

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